Recruiting videos: Understanding the difference between skills video and game videos.

How do you know what type of recruiting video you need?

There are 2 types of video you can submit to a coach:

  1. Game footage: as the name indicates this is footage of you in an actual competitive event.
  2. Skill footage: This is a video that shows your technical competencies in your sport and position

All recruiting videos can benefit from game footage. But certain sports only require skills video. If you are in a sport where your opponent has no or minimal interaction with you physically then you will need a skills video. If your sport involves the opponent occupying the same space as you and can influence your actions by their presence then you must have game footage.

Technical and tactical ability are critical in all sports. Yet, the technical ability in a sport that doesn’t have an opponent sharing the same space is a very good gauge of the athlete’s ability to perform in competition, thus a skills video is what a college coach needs to assess your overall performance. Whereas a sport like soccer, lacrosse, basketball etc.. a player may have very good technical skills but struggle when an opponent is challenging them and/or their teammates; in these sports game footage becomes critical and skills footage less so.

On occasion some positions bridge both types of video. Goalkeepers in team sports are positions that can benefit from both, but if you had to decide between the two types of videos in this case then game footage is preferable.

Below is a general guideline by sport:

Skills Video Game Video
Baseball Soccer
Softball Lacrosse
Volleyball Basketball
Tennis Football
Golf Ice Hockey
Field Hockey

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