Best Game Video: Stand out from the rest!

Years ago when we first started our company we offered a “Best Game” video package. As former college coaches, we knew this is what we would want to see; the game as if we were there in person. The “Best Game” package includes ALL of your plays, with “dead time” or plays you are not in, edited out of the video. This means that the video includes great, good, so-so, and the not so good, but this is what coaches want to see. It gives them the full picture of who you are as an athlete.

Our customers also let us know that they wanted highlight videos, so we started to offer this style as an option as well. We still keep the coach in mind, making sure that we accurately reflect the skill of the player. Over time the highlight video has become the preferred video of parents and players but not necessarily the coaches.

Many sports, like basketball and football, require you to send in an unedited game video. This can be difficult to do with soccer and lacrosse, since they are longer games, and it can be difficult to follow a player. With our “Best Game” option we make it easy for the coach – we present all your plays on and off the ball – and highlight you as a player

We now offer you a choice of either style,  a highlight video or “Best Game” video, or you can do both .  These options will showcase you the athlete and make an impression on the coach!

  1. Best Game video
  2. Highlight video
  3. Both!

Give us a call to discuss!

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