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Net Edge Sport Video- Get The Edge!

Net Edge Sport Video Services

We film and edit ONLY sports. We specialize in editing that delivers the best of an athlete, training event or athletic analysis. Years of coaching at the DI and professional level, athletic endeavors, film and editing experience in a variety of sports guarantees your film is on target and on market.

Our clients range from coaches, high school athletes who want to play sports in college and top level athletes looking to play professionally on the international stage.

We film and edit all sports, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, football and more!

Recruiting videos
Sponsorship videos
Training and educational DVD’s
Video performance analysis

Have your own tapes? We can edit those for you.

Looking for a Game? We may have it on file. 100’s of games all sports!

We have been in business since 2006. We cover NJ, NY, MA, CT, PA, OH, IN, SC, MD, CO, FL  and growing fast.

Elevated cameras in many areas.

 Net Edge Sport Video Services,

A Division of Net Edge Training, LLC

Contact us.

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All pricing is team pricing, that means  your cost can be as low as $10 per game!

Click on the tournament icon to go to the order page.


galaxy-1 copyGirls Showcase – March 10-12, 2017


galaxy-1 copyBoys Showcase – March 17-19, 2017


 Women’s Showcase April 21-23, 2017

 Men’s Showcase April 28 – 30, 2017


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Recruiting videos: Understanding the difference between skills video and game videos.

How do you know what type of recruiting video you need?

There are 2 types of video you can submit to a coach:

  1. Game footage: as the name indicates this is footage of you in an actual competitive event.
  2. Skill footage: This is a video that shows your technical competencies in your sport and position

All recruiting videos can benefit from game footage. But certain sports only require skills video. If you are in a sport where your opponent has no or minimal interaction with you physically then you will need a skills video. If your sport involves the opponent occupying the same space as you and can influence your actions by their presence then you must have game footage.

Technical and tactical ability are critical in all sports. Yet, the technical ability in a sport that doesn’t have an opponent sharing the same space is a very good gauge of the athlete’s ability to perform in competition, thus a skills video is what a college coach needs to assess your overall performance. Whereas a sport like soccer, lacrosse, basketball etc.. a player may have very good technical skills but struggle when an opponent is challenging them and/or their teammates; in these sports game footage becomes critical and skills footage less so.

On occasion some positions bridge both types of video. Goalkeepers in team sports are positions that can benefit from both, but if you had to decide between the two types of videos in this case then game footage is preferable.

Below is a general guideline by sport:

Skills Video Game Video
Baseball Soccer
Softball Lacrosse
Volleyball Basketball
Tennis Football
Golf Ice Hockey
Field Hockey

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How are we different?

There are several difference between us and other videographers/companies; primarily when we do your recruiting videos we actually go through the games and do the clip selection for you. We are a company made up of athletes and coaches who have spent years in collegiate and professional sports. Most, if not all, of the other companies have you pick out the clips then they will package those clips into a video. Basically, what this means is you spend the hours scouring the videos.  Since 2006 we have provided this service for you. Our videos are well received by college and professional coaches for their accurate and targeted approach. We allow you to proof the video and make changes before we finalize, so you have the final say without having to spend hours at the computer. You can enjoy the game!

We also do not charge you to post your recruiting video online with a quick link for coaches. Many companies charge extra or require a paid subscription to their athlete services to post your recruiting videos. We post them for free and leave them up until you tell us to take them down, with a subscription service if you stop paying your video is no longer available to coaches. We also, on request, can provide you information on the number of views your video is getting, where, when and how long at no additional costs.

Our game pricing is team pricing, so just by gathering a few parents to participate your cost will be very affordable!


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